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  • Online Student Verification

  • Companies, recruitment agencies and verification agencies will now apply ONLINE for student verification.

Please read the following before proceeding

The institution provides student verification reports in a standard template (available from the link below). Kindly download the MS Word template, fill in the information about the student, store the file as a PDF file and upload it for approval. You are required to upload either scanned marksheets or certificate of the student as well. The institute official will review the request and either approves it by returning a digitally signed copy of the verification report or state that the request cannot be approved (if there is any error in the information). You will need to make an online payment for the verification (whether approved or returned as incorrect). By using this service, you aver that you have the permission and the authority from the student to obtain this verification and indemnify the institute against all claims in the future.

Verification Form