We focus on management education more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies, research and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory.

We, as a Faculty of Commerce & Management, are training our students to cope up with pressure of fierce competition. Our education is a fair blend of human behaviour, organizational psychology & behaviour, human resource management, economics, quantitative methods, finance & accounts,marketing, production & operations, and information technology. Students are given ample opportunity to cultivate creativity and exploit innovations in the work culture. Visits of personnels from corporate world and academia are part of our curriculum to apprise the students of the corporate needs and the latest developments in theory. Industrial visits and trainings are arranged to simulate the ground realities of corporate work and culture into their minds.

Lack of communication skills and ethics poses many problems in our day to day working which become serious with passage of time. Therefore, the students are being given due attention to embed these so that they could come up to the expectations of the customers, organizations and society in a sustainable manner and add value to their job.


Management professionals work in all types of departments and areas of business worldwide. Their strong understanding of business environments and the inner-workings of business processes, make them strong leaders in any institution, agency, or organization.

With the right education and networking connections, these managers can virtually take their pick of the areas in which they will thrive! Each career focus and area of educational concentration opens up new doors within business realms, from corporate giants to local companies. Businesses everywhere are on the lookout for managers with the understanding, comprehension, and ethics to occupy vastly important positions in human resources/services, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, international relations, and more!

After completing Management a student is well prepared to sustain as a corporate employee or as an entrepreneur. Management degree can boost your career prospects, and in many industries having a management degree will give you the edge over competition. On the other hand, if the student chooses to start his/her own business, he/she can run it successfully and professionally without having to pay expert market consultants.

Management has become a sought after course in the last few years due to its sheer spectrum of career options that you can opt for after completing the course. From marketing to advertising and even finance is great career choice. The demand for Management graduates for consulting jobs is continually high since they have the acumen to analyze what fits best for the client.

Looking for career prospects in the interdisciplinary domains of Management can provide excellent job opportunities like in the following domains:

Specialization of MBA –

Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, E- Commerce, Digital Marketing, Hospital Management, International Business, Banking, Economics, International Relations, Public Relations, Start Up, Solar & Renewable Energy.

Specialization for BBA –

Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Mass Media, E- Commerce, Banking & Finance, Digital Marketing, Economics, International Relations, Public Relations, Start Up, Global Management.


Some Employment Options in Management are:

  • E- Commerce
  • Banking/Finance
  • International Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Management Consultancy
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • E- Commerce
  • Insurance
  • Hospitality Management
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Advertising
  • Retail Management
  • General Management
  • Banking/Finance
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management
  • Consumer Goods
  • Team Management & Leadership
  • Hospitality Management

Sectors Employing Management Graduates

Banking & Finance
American Express Kotak Mahindra Bank ICICI Bank Limited Axis Bank
HDFC Bank Citibank DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd Standard Chartered
Hindustan Unilever Ltd Colgate-Palmolive Samsung Ltd Nestle
Sony Corporation Apple Heinz India Panasonic
Corporates Groups
Adani Group Aditya Birla Group Microsoft Tata Group
Bharti Enterprises Procter & Gamble Coca Cola Pepsico
Consulting Firms
Price Waterhouse Coopers Deloitte KPMG Ernst & Young Global Ltd
Airtel Vodafone India BSNL Jio